Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought I would put a Christmas greeting on our blog because we are not sending Christmas cards this year. It's not because we are trying to protest Christmas or our friends, but Charissa is expecting to get a little brother in February, so I didn't want to send anything out until he arrives!:) 

We are enjoying spending time with Tim's family in Colorado this week:), but are missing being with my family too!  We hope you have a blessed Christmas!
Tim, Brenda, Charissa, & Baby Albertson

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vacation in Charleston!

We flew into Charlotte, NC and spent the weekend with Seth and Alesia and my sweet little niece Lexi! Seth works for a radio station and had some work to do for the station in Charleston so we actually got to spend the week with them! 

We stayed at this beautiful resort because it was off season and
 we got it cheap with a groupon!=) We were blessed with nice warm weather and
 I didn't think about taking any flip flops when we had left Joplin in a blizzard!

On the beach by the resort!

Charissa and Daddy!

Lexi was not real sure about the sand on her feet! 

 Fun playing with the sand!

Rissa and Mommy!

 Actually there were about five of them out there taking advantage of the windy weather.
I just thought it looked so pretty! I would have liked being out there on one of them!

Our Trip to Charleston!

Our Daddy had to go to Charleston, SC for a business meeting and a painter's convention and Charissa and I didn't want to stay home by ourselves, so Jesus worked things out to get a good deal on tickets so we could fly there with him!
The night before we left Tim got an alert on his phone that our flight from Joplin to Dallas was CANCELED because of an ice storm in Dallas! They told Tim at the airport the next morning that there were not any flights out again til Monday and that if we wanted to get there we would have to drive to Kansas City airport! It had started to snow by the time we left and it snowed all the way to KC! Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe!

Driving in the snow

Charissa in the bus stop shelter waiting for the bus to take 
us from the Economy parking lot to the airport

Charissa watching the snowplows clear the runway at the airport!

She was sooooo excited to ride on the "airfane". The downside for mommy was that those airplane seat belts are way to easy to UNBUCKLE!

Looking though the airplane window before we got de-iced.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Recent Pictures of Rissa

I took this first picture a few days before and then...
Charissa almost 3

...she got a bump on her head:)

It is hard to get a good picture cause she is always on the move, but these two were Ok.

Fall 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Charissa's 3rd Birthday

I haven't posted in a long time, I know, but I thought family might like to see some pictures of Charissa's birthday party. I made these blue velvet cupcakes, and they were good but a mess! :) 

I found these blue candy canes at the dollar store so I tied some blue ribbon on them for a mini favor.
My sister Enid sent Tim these fun glass mugs for his birthday and so I put beans it them and stuck the candy canes in them. And thanks to a friend who let me borrow the punch bowl and glass dishes=)

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Opening a fun camping set for her dolly from Aunt Chris, Uncle Eric and Tyler.
It even has a tent!:)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day2013

A few pictures of what we were doing on Christmas Day (besides eating more food than nesscessary)!
Several of us enjoyed a game of RISK...

...while others played a game of of PHASE 10!

Christmas Picture

Our New Family Picture taken at JCPenney today!
Sooo happy with how they turned out:)